About Us

Anti Popular Kids, or APPK Apparel, was established in 2018 to create something even bigger than the fashion statements our brand presents. The initial idea was to create a soft, comfortable, durable, and fashionable t-shirt that anyone could be satisfied in both physically and fashionably. The thing is, anyone can create a t-shirt, we can deliver you a brand worth believing in.


Everyone always tries to be "popular". What's the point? Often you sacrifice your true sense of character and give the cold shoulder to others who don't fit a certain standard. If we eliminated this as the norm, we would see many more friendships grow and lots of anxieties go away. In today's generation, weird has become the new norm. Being "anti-popular" is the new "popular". Everyone is unique in their own way, why does one have to sacrifice their individuality in order to fit in with a given crowd? Here at APPK, we believe in creating social equality between all groups of people. Socialization between all promotes more overall happiness. It's not easy to defy modern social norms, it takes someone bold. These are the people who will better our world tomorrow.

"Out With the In-Crowd"

Make a stand against conforming to the crowd. 

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